Seashell Artwork

The Magnolias

This page is of past creations. A tribute to the beautiful designs of life and nature and the joy it has given me exploring and discovering them.

The seashell flowers are made from jingles, pen shells, bubbles, cowries, slippers, periwinkles, scallops, clams, cockles, turbans, tops, cat’s paws, augers, and a wide wide variety of ocean treasures that I have found on the beach, or friends have given me, or I collected over the years teaching, or I bought from responsible collectors. The ocean has always been a renewing force in my life . . . as much as sitting on top of a tall mountain!

If you are interested in flowers as a gift or for a wedding you may contact me at The flowers are each unique, and something you can keep in remembrance of a beautiful day of celebration.

Pictures from a recent wedding I did:

Wedding Bouquet




Kissing Ball for Flower Girl

Halo for Flower Girl


Wedding Bouquet

Seashell Flower Candle Rings







Wedding Cakes

When two of my children got married I made the decorations for their wedding cakes. My son’s wedding was on the beach and I had my choice of what to make and the size of the cake! The first thing I did was make a model of the cake and ordered the almond paste and fondant. The decorations are hand painted with diluted natural food colorings. Can you see the little crab on top?

My oldest daughter wanted camelias and that was really a challenge! Most of the decorations on her cake are made of almond paste but the camelias are made from fondant. The groom made the all natural red velvet cake (with beets) and it was delicious! The best I have ever had.


Gravestone Rubbings

I have walked many graveyards looking for beautiful simple gravestone art. These are a few treasures. Many of them came from Charleston S.C. but also from graveyards in other parts of South Carolina and North Carolina.


MIscellaneous Art


Old Drum table. Burned, stained, and finished!

Sullivan’s Island Bridge at Sunset

The white canvas of this chair called me to paint! I haven’t quite finished it yet.

I just finished this little indoor outdoor table!

Black Jesus


The Tree of the Child

                                            The Tree of the Child


                                                            Written and Illustrated by Susan Dean

   With trees as her muse, South Carolinian Susan Dean presents a spellbinding prose-and-poetry picture book.  To the soulful and the contemplative, the poetry genre has long served as the perfect avenue for artistic and philosophical self-expression; a virtual refuge for the dreamer and the thinker.   The Tree of the Child is a dazzling mix of poetry, prose, and spellbinding artwork; a masterfully crafted celebration of thoughts and imagery that salutes the mystery,  beauty, and endless mystique of Creator and creation.   Through the pages of this work, readers are introduced to some of life’s most inspiring truths, diversely expressed through her words and artwork. Brimming with wisdom, visual beauty, and inspiration, this work of art  broadcasts the soulful voice of one of the most talented and contemplative minds in literature today.     X-Libris Publishing

                                                    Trees are the most giving form of life on earth. 
                                      From the beginning of time trees have been sacred to people around the world.
                                                        In the garden of the Spirit there are many sacred trees:  
                                                                                      The Tree of God  
                                                                                 The Philosophical Tree 
                                                                              The Tree of Enlightenment
                                                                       The Cosmic Tree  The Celestial Tree 
                                                                     The Tree of Life         The Tree of Light 
                                                                   The Tree of Paradise          Tree of Eternity 
                                                                The Inverted Tree  Manahil   The Tree of Christ 
                                                             The Tree of Oneness  Tooba   The Tree at the Center 
                                                          The Tree of the Cross    Parigata    The Tree of Necessity 
                                                        The Tree of Sacrifice   Tane-Mahuta   The Tree of the Soul 
                                                       The Tree of Knowledge      Omahas        Tree of the Sephiroth 
                                                     The Tree of the Great Peace     Walleechu      Omumborombonga                      
                                                   Tree of Fertility      Mystery Tree  The Bo Tree  The Flowering Tree              
                                                The Jesse Tree     Irminsid     Zamange    Skamba  The Tree of Charity      
                                               The Alchemist Tree Man’g’ushaka   The Tree of Victory   Kalpaavriksha                  
                                             The Blossom Tree   The Gem Tree    The Gift Tree    The Bonchevalier Tree    
                                           The Tree of Ascent         Tree of Ten Thousand Images      Tree of the Watcher 
                                          The Tree of All Seeds    The Eden Tree    Yggdrasil    Ambala    Ganta    Nanahil   
                                        The Ancient Tree   Padaythahin   The Wishing Tree   Teri-Ramula   The Axile Tree      
                                        The Tree of Realization     Mhowah Kachnula     The Singing Tree   The Cloud Tree  
                                                                             You may know one of these trees.
                                                                                  Might have climbed in one,
                                                                                        Rested beneath one,
                                                                                         Or eaten from one.
                                                                                         They are holy trees
                                                                                In the river of joy in the earth.
                                                                         They weave a crown of awesome nature. 
                                                                             Knock on wood to the spirit within.


Long Tailed Skipper

My Butterfly and Moth Designs: These watercolor moth and butterfly cards are $30 for a set of six premium cards and envelopes. You pick the butterflies or moths you want. Susan Dean copyrighted 2004
Cherry Scallop Shell Moth                     Promethea Moth
Ranchman’s Tiger Moth                          Virgo Tiger Moth
Zebra Swallowtail                                      Tiger Swallowtail
Brahmaea Wallichii                               Black Swallowtail
Paradise Butterfly                                                     Underwing Moth
             Luna Moth                                                     Monarch Butterfly
Tortoise Shell Butterfly                                           Lily Leaf Moth
Tent Caterpillar Moth                                                     Day Moth
Colorado Hairstreak                                                Isabella Moth