Long Tailed Skipper

My Butterfly and Moth Designs: These watercolor moth and butterfly cards are $30 for a set of six premium cards and envelopes. You pick the butterflies or moths you want. Susan Dean sbhdean@gmail.com copyrighted 2004
Cherry Scallop Shell Moth                     Promethea Moth
Ranchman’s Tiger Moth                          Virgo Tiger Moth
Zebra Swallowtail                                      Tiger Swallowtail
Brahmaea Wallichii                               Black Swallowtail
Paradise Butterfly                                                     Underwing Moth
             Luna Moth                                                     Monarch Butterfly
Tortoise Shell Butterfly                                           Lily Leaf Moth
Tent Caterpillar Moth                                                     Day Moth
Colorado Hairstreak                                                Isabella Moth