Written and Illustrated by Susan Dean 


       With trees as her muse, South Carolinian Susan Dean presents a spellbinding prose-and-poetry picture book.  To the soulful and the contemplative, the poetry genre has long served as the perfect avenue for artistic and philosophical self-expression; a virtual refuge for the dreamer and the thinker.   The Tree of the Child is a dazzling mix of poetry, prose, and spellbinding artwork; a masterfully crafted celebration of thoughts and imagery that salutes the mystery,  beauty, and endless mystique of Creator and creation.   Through the pages of this work, readers are introduced to some of life’s most inspiring truths, diversely expressed through her words and artwork. Brimming with wisdom, visual beauty, and inspiration, this work of art  broadcasts the soulful voice of one of the most talented and contemplative minds in literature today.   X-Libris Publishing