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     Nature and the Child

The natural world is our teacher and gives us sustenance, strength and inspiration. A more stimulating environment for the development of the mind, body, and spirit doesn’t exist.

Nature and the outdoors need to play a greater role in the health and education of our children. Children need to understand and experience our connectedness to nature and interconnectedness with all of life.

They need to know where our food comes from and that plants are alive. This should begin at home and in early childhood programs.

Regenerative environmental education is designed to encourage self-discovery and the sharing of individual perceptions in order to broaden views and knowledge of nature, community, and ourselves.

Having a healthy life means nurturing active minds and optimistic spirits, feeling good about ourselves and being the best person we can be.

Outdoor classrooms and organic gardening programs are a hopeful approach to local concerns.

Learning by Doing

“For the child, it is not half so important to know as to feel. If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow. It is more important to pave the way for a child to want to know, than to put him on a diet of facts that he is not ready to assimilate.”

Rachel Carson – Author of “Silent Spring” and a founder of the modern environmental movement.



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Self Science

                                 "All learning has an emotional base."   Plato So many children today grow up in a world of neglect, violence, and despair. Most of America's youth are at risk. More than half of America's high school seniors have...

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The Arts and Education

The Arts employ all of our senses. The young child is a creative child with the ability to appreciate and participate in the creative arts.Through the arts children develop the ability to observe, express, and draw conclusions across disciplines and embrace a lifelong...

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Famous Rock Formations

  DEVIL’S TOWER Geologists classify it as an “igneous intrusion. Native Americans regard the tower as sacred ground. Today, the 1,267-foot formation stands as the centerpiece of Devils Tower National Monument. NATURAL BRIDGE Carved by a creek, Natural Bridge in...

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The Forest Schools

   What we love, we are likely to protect. To love something, we must know it. Nature affords children a direct experience with a world not made by humans where they can feel themselves as a part of a larger community of life. A forest kindergarten is a kindergarten...

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Gardening Myths

1. Paint pruning cuts - Latex, shellac, petroleum and asphalt compounds are some of the materials used for wound dressing to seal off the cut surfaces to prevent rot and other diseases. New research finds that wound dressings of this sort do not benefit trees and in...

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Why Teach Outside?

PLT is a great organization with wonderful programs. You should schedule them to come to your school and reap the benefits of their knowledge, wisdom, and resources. I hope this article taken from PLT encourages you to teach outside every opportunity you have. After...

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Dimensions of Learning

  Dimensions of Learning is a comprehensive model designed by the Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory in Aurora, Colorado that uses what researchers and theorists know about learning to develop dimensions of thinking. Dimension 1: Attitudes and...

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The Garden Classroom

Gardening reclaims the heart in nature education!   Gardening with children is active learning, and gardens are a place where the cycle of life and season’s come alive for kids. An outdoor classroom promotes social interaction and communion with nature. And they can...

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Keep your heart smiling,

your soul shining,

and your spirit filled with passion!

If you think positive,

sound becomes music,

movement becomes dance,

smile becomes laughter,

mind becomes meditation,

and life becomes a celebration!

 – Susan Dean 2019