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“For the child, it is not half so important to know as to feel.

If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom,

then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil

in which the seeds must grow. It is more important to pave the way for a child

to want to know, than to put him on a diet of facts that he is not ready to assimilate.” 

     Rachel Carson, author of “Silent Spring” and a founder of the modern environmental movement.

Nature and the Child The natural world is our teacher and gives us sustenance, strength and inspiration. A more stimulating environment for the development of the mind, body, and spirit doesn’t exist. Nature and the outdoors need to play a greater role in the health and education of our children. Children need to understand and experience our connectedness to nature and interconnectedness with all of life. They need to know where our food comes from and that plants are alive. This should begin at home and in early childhood programs. Regenerative environmental education is designed to encourage self-discovery and the sharing of individual perceptions in order to broaden views and knowledge of nature, community, and ourselves. Having a healthy life means nurturing active minds and optimistic spirits, feeling good about ourselves and being the best person we can be. Outdoor classrooms and organic gardening programs are a hopeful approach to local concerns.

Keep your heart smiling,

your soul shining,

and your spirit filled with passion!

If you think positive,

sound becomes music,

movement becomes dance,

smile becomes laughter,

mind becomes meditation,

and life becomes a celebration!

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