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                 Old Methusala The oldest Living Tree

TREES are the oldest, largest, and most giving form of life on earth.

“A child who has never entered the living world of trees is deprived of his heritage as a child of the earth. But the child that carries the tree image greatly engraved in his memory and imagination is blessed because he is forever bound to the rhythms of the beautiful earth and orientated towards heaven. ” The Sign of the Tree, Meinrad Craighead

Trees are rooted in our past, our present and our future. They have been depicted as a pattern of ascent since ancient times. Some people believe in tree spirits and some people ascribe their origins to trees. The present tree may have been a companion to generations of your family! Trees are symbols of permanence and prosperity and sometimes planted to commemorate births and marriages.

Some of the gifts of trees are: medicine, food, fuel, books, furniture, paper, homes, and tools. Trees reduce noise levels, conserve water, clean the air, increase the humidity in dry climates, prevent erosion, fertilize the soil, create wildlife and plant diversity, decrease the amount of chemicals transported to streams, stabilize the climate, drink up carbon dioxide and give us oxygen to breathe. We are partners with trees through our breath in the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

About half the greenhouse effect is from the buildup of carbon dioxide in the air. If trees are cut down, they cannot remove carbon dioxide from the air and give us oxygen to breathe! Trees are the most important way to reduce the heat buildup on the earth’s surface. We reduce carbon dioxide levels by planting trees and protecting the ones we have.

We need laws to protect trees! Our ancient trees have been left to ill fate or cut down. In 1944 The American Tree Society warned that our forests were disappearing. The trees greatest enemy is man. We cut and take trees with no thought for the future. The indifference shown toward the cutting of trees and clear cutting of our forests is a mockery of respect for the environment.

Trees are unique and alive! A large tree can weigh as much as 3 tons, cover 2000 square yards, have ten miles of twigs and branches, pump several tons of water into the air, produce a new crop of leaves and fruit, and cover an half acre of trunk and branches with new bark

The dead trees are as valuable as the live trees. They offer perches, nesting places, homes, places to hide, and food for many kinds of life. Forty-nine mammals and eighty-five bird species live in dead trees. Cavities make them popular. Many insects live in dead bark. Dead trees enrich the forest by supporting the diversity of plant and wildlife. Managed forests, planted of a single tree species, are harvested before the trees age, dead trees are removed, and nature and wildlife are deprived of the noble purpose the dead tree serves.

Trees are joys in the heart! Nothing is more vital to life than trees. The tree embodies our universe, drawing sustenance from the four elements of the world and springing from darkness to light in a crown of glory! Trees never cause harm, but embody a natural kindness and generosity. Trees feed the land as water feeds the ocean. Our forest and trees are precious to us and essential to our health. Charity is the universal love for all creation. Walk a green shoes walk, help protect our trees, and be a world citizen!

“ The tree that moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature as all ridicule and deformity . . . and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is imagination itself. ” William Blake 1799