Tree shown on the new Vermont 25¢ coin: Maple

The Dutch disease nearly wiped out this tree: Elm

The Christmas partridge was in this tree: Pear

Spanish moss hangs from this southern tree: Live Oak

Largest tree species by volume: Sequoia

Noah’s dove brought back this branch: Olive

Tree associated with Lebanon: Cedar

Berries from this tree used to make gin: Juniper

The tree with knobby knees: Baldcypress

What little acorns grow into: Oak

Texas state tree: Pecan

John Chapman’s claim to fame: Apple

It is to the south what the lilac is to the north: Crapemyrtle

President Andrew Jackson’s nickname: Hickory

Tree Robert Frost talks about in his poem: Birch

Most common U. S. Tree: Silver Maple

Tropical island tree: Palm

The village smithy worked under this tree: Chestnut

Tree most struck by lightning: Oak

Everlasting life is the symbol of this tree: Yew

The tree with bark like elephant skin. Beech

Favorite tree lovers carve their initials in: Beech

World’s tallest species of tree: Redwood

Oldest living tree (4844 years): Bristlecone Pine

Tree associated with Burmese rain forests: Teak

Mississippi’s state tree: Magnolia

Before barb wire, it was called the “living fence”: Osage Orange

In England this tree is called a sycamore: Maple

The “Lord of the Forest” in New Zealand. Tane Mahuta

The state tree of South Carolina. Palmetto

Men collect tears of sap from this tree often used as incense. Frankinsence

We use the beans from this tree to make chocolate. Cacoa

This tree has the largest seed of all. Coconut

This tree blooms in spring and has markings of the crucifixion on the flower. Dogwood

Long ago people used knots from this tree for light. Pine

This tree is a lunar tree that sheds it’s bark to white limbs. Plane tree or Sycamore

We get delicious syrup for our pancakes from this tree. Sugar Maple

The flower is sweet but the fruit is sour. Lemon

What is the smallest living tree? The dropsickle tree