Don’t you dare climb that tree
or even try, they said, or you will be
sent away to the hospital of the
very foolish, if not the other one.
And I suppose, considering my age,
it was fair advice.

But the tree is a sister to me,
she lives alone in a green cottage
high in the air and I know what would
happen, she’d clap her green hands,
she’d shake her green hair,
she’d welcome me. Truly

I try to be good but sometimes
a person just has to break out and
act like the wild and springy thing
one used to be. It’s impossible not
to remember wild and want it back. So

if someday you can’t find me you might
look into that tree or – of course
it’s possible – under it.
Mary Oliver

The Pink Peach Tree       Van Gogh

Peach Trees in Blossom         Van Gogh

Apple Tree in Blossom         Van Gogh


Apple Trees on Chantemesie Hill            Claude Monet


Tree of Life           Gustav Klint

Palms             John Singer Sargent

Sunlight Effect Under the Poplars         Claude Monet

Four Trees         Egon Schlele

The Olive Grove        John Singer Sargent

The Poplars          Claude Monet

Avenue with Flowering Chestnut Trees   Vincent Van Gogh

Trunks in the Grass          Vincent Van Gogh


The Pink Orchard        Vincent Van Gogh



Orchard in Bloom     Claude Monet

The Olive Grove        Vincent Van Gogh

Branches With Almond Blossom         Van Gogh

Orchard in Blossom       Vincent Van Gogh

Pine Trees Against a Red Sky With Setting Sun

The Olive Grove        William Merritt Chase

Beech Trees      Steele

Olive Trees    Van Gogh

The Tree House      Klee

Walking Next To The River Fernando      Botero

Willow Tree

Apple Tree With Red Fruit     Paul-ElieRanson

Blossoming Pear Tree Van Gogh

Apple Trees in Bloom at Giverny        Monet

In the Woods Cezanne

Mulberry Tree Van Gogh

Cypresses        Van Gogh

Red Tree     Mondrian

Birch Forest       Klimt

Beech Forest      Klimt

Apple Tree       Mondrian

Apple Tree      Gustav Klimt

Joy of Life       Matisse

A Palm Tree        Monet

Apricot Trees In Blossom    Van Gogh