(Chorus) You’ve gotta get out, look up and see the sky,

Climb a tree, see how the birds fly,

Get down, see what’s upon the ground.

Get out and meet your world!

Reading book is wonderful. There’s so much you can learn,

About kings and stars and dinasaurs and why the season’s turn,

But when your mind grows weary from the paper you have turned,

Just put those books up for a little while.


Telivision and VCR’s can teach and entertain.

You laugh, you sry, you learn some things.

You get to watch the game.

But TV can be dangerous if it takes up too much time.

So turn it off before it steals your mind.

(Chorus twice)

The earth has many stories that she wants us all to hear.

They’re in the misic of a cricket and the footsteps of a deer.

They’re in a world that is just waiting and is right outside your door.