We Love Trees

Chorus: Trees (kids echo) Trees

(4 times) Trees Trees

We Love Trees

We love chestnut, linden, apple, olive, and the aspen tree

Oak, elm, cedar, walnut and the hickory

There’s the cherry, redwood, cottonwood

And the dogwood tree

And what’s the biggest tree of all?

That’s the sequoia tree!


There’s the birch, fir, coconut, and the mulberry,

We get that tasty syrup from the sugar maple tree.

There’s the eucalyptus, blue spruce, and the rubber tree,

And we love that ponderosa pine,

And our palmetto tree!


Trees are good for animals and people, birds, and bugs.

Trees are good for other trees,

And plants and air and slugs.

Trees are like our brothers and our sisters to the end

So . . .plant a tree, hug a tree, make a new friend . . .