Homemade Sunscreen

Zinc Oxide has long been used as an effective and inexpensive sunscreen. Slathered on thick and full strength, it offers excellent sun protection. This is an alternative to the harsh chemicals in store bought sunscreen. Keep in mind that you need to apply this sunscreen more often than commercial sunscreen.

1 teaspoon zinc oxide (available at the pharmacy)

1 tablespoon olive oil

Measure the zinc oxide and olive oil into a bowl and use a fork to mix the ingredients together completely.

Easy to make marshmallow shooter

Leaf rubbings Go on a walk to collect leaves of different shapes. Use almost any kind of paper and paperless crayons. Place the leaf veins up under the paper, hold paper tight at the bottom so it doesn’t slip and rub from bottom out. Be sure to rub the entire leaf. If they are researchers they can actually rub the leaf in the color the leaf turns in the fall – and it may be several colors.

sponge sailboats



                         Clothes Pin Dragonfly


Balloon, push up top and glue and you have a hovercraft!