Someone’s Gonna Use It after You

1. When you stand at the sink did you ever think

About the water going down the drain?

That it used to be in the deep blue sea

And before that it was rain!

Then it turned to snow for an Eskimo

To use in a snowball fight!

Then it traveled south till it reached your mouth

To help you brush your teeth tonight!


Someone’s gonna use it after you

So leave it as you’d like it when you’re through.

Cause the water, land, and air.

These are things we’ve got to share.

Someone’s gonna use it after you!

2. When you sneeze like thunder

Did you ever wonder if the air you set in motion,

Might have helped to form a tropical storm

Way out in the western ocean.

Could have been blown out of a blue whale’s spout

As it dove beneath the sea!

And now that air is in your care till you finish with your sneeze

Chorus II: Someone needs to breathe it after you

3. Like a wheel the world is turning

Forest green and sky of blue

It will turn that way forever

As the old is born anew