Snowman Wisdom: The key to life is to be a jolly, happy soul.


The snow fell gently all the night.
It made a blanket soft and white.
It covered houses, flowers and ground
But did not make a single sound


Kids are Like Snowflakes

Kids are like snowflakes
No two are the same!
Each of us is different starting with our names.
My hair is _______ as you can see.
My eyes ar ______ as they can be.
________ and _______ I like a lot,
But ____ and ____ are not so ho!
All these things make me, me.
As unique as I can be!

Snowy Day

Let’s watch the snowflakes floating by
As they fall from the winter sky.
Look, there’s a big one spinning around,
Dancing from above to the frosty ground.


Look at the flakes, so sparkling and white,
Such a delightful sight.
Soon to be,
A snowman for me!

The Snowman

Roll him and roll him until he is big.
Roll him until he is fat as a pig.
Give him two eyes and a hat on his head.
He’ll stand there all night while we go to bed.

A Little Snowman

I’m a little snowman
Short and fat.
Here is my nose

And here is my hat.
When the sun comes out
I cannot play,
I simply slowly melt away!

Funny Snowman

I made a funny snowman,
One frosty and wintery day.
But when he met the sunshine,
He melted on his away.

Snowflakes Falling Down
Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Snowflakes falling down,
Falling to the ground.
Big and white and fluffy flakes
That do not make a sound.

Snowflake Dance

Dance like snowflakes in the air
Dance like snowflakes in the air.
Whirling, twirling snowflakes in the air
Whirling, twirling snowflakes in the air
Here and there and everywhere!


I had a dream it snowed last night
Across the Everglades.
And all the gators marched around
In a snowy big parade.
They all wore funny wooly caps
Upon their gator heads.
And when they slid down hilly slopes,
Their bellies became their sleds.