Skeleton Jones

1. Skeleton Jones rattling bones

Clickety clack all the way back home

You’ve got no skin to hold you in,

You’ve got bones where your arms had been

You look kind of funny but you sound real fine

Clickety clackin keeping time

Skeleton Jones rattling boneS

2. Skeleton Jones how do you do?

It’s nice to see what’s left of you

You’ve got no hands, you’ve got no eyes

Just a black top hat and a black bow tie

But you’ve got rhythm for heaven’s sake

Listen to the bones go shimmy and shake

Skeleton Jones rattling bones

3. Skeleton Jones my old friend

I’d like to say that I knew you when

But the only time you can be seen

Is about midnight on Halloween

And then you’ll dance right out of here

But you’ll be back again next year.

Skeleton Jones rattling bones