Put on Your Green Shoes

Gather round children and you will hear,

The sound of a cricket callin in your ear.

That’s Mother Nature, she’s cryin’ out loud,

“This old world, it needs some lovin’ now,” so

(Chorus) Put on yyour green shoes, Put on your green shoes,

Mother Nature sh’e callin’ to you

Just put on your green shoes.

Put on your green shoes and walk with me,

We’ll go around back and plant a tree.

Help it grow and you will see

The way the world was meant to be.


I wonder how the world would be,

Without the shade of the redwood tree,

Without all the fish, the birds and the bees,

Springtime would be lonely.


Mother Nature she’s callin’ to you to put on your green shoes


Mother Nature she’s countin’ on you

To put on your green shoes