I’m a world citizen.
Step up and shake my hand.
I’m not just from Wisconsin.
I’m not just American.
I’m a world citizen . . .
Home the whole world round!
You and I can break those borders down!

Verse 1:
From Timbuktu to Lima, Peru,
From Shanghai to Nepal,
From the deadly bends in old Berlin,
To the ancient China wall,
From Tyrai to Belivastosk,
From Cairo to Cape Town,
From Sidney to Seattle,
I’ve got neighbors the whole world round!

Verse 2:
You can pick up a phone to most anywhere and call up Singapore.
You can get on a plane at Minorca, Spain and fly to El Salvador
The world keeps getting smaller,
And we keep getting strong,
But we’re not getting anywhere if we don’t get along.

Verse 3:
There’s always confrontation,
You just might disagree.
You can be a world citizen and not think just like me.
We’re all riding on the same train
With a lot of work to do.
But, no one’s just a passenger,
Everyone’s part of the crew!

Verse 3:
People all around the world
Are looking for peace to come.
We’re every shade of the rainbow.
We’re big and better ones.
We’re joining hands together.
Our voices sound out strong. Help us build a peaceful world
And help us sing this song.