The Green Shoes Walk

1. It’s a walk; it’s a certain kind of attitude!

Giving mother earth some gratitude,

For the lakes, the rivers, the trees, and the grass,

We’ve got to care about them if we want them all to last!

Pick it up, never throw it on the street,

Cause we’ve got our green shoes on our feet.

The water, the air, it’s important to us.

We’re gonna show the world that we’re serious!


We’re gonna walk that green shoes walk – don’t just talk about it,

Walk that walk . . . . Walk that walk!

2. See the children in the park having so much fun

We’ve got to clean it up, save it for the little ones!

In the city, in the country, all around the world,

We’ve got to build a beautiful future

For all the boys and girls!

Every day we hear the stories and it’s making us nervous

We’ve got to give the planet more than just lip service!

What’s the use of crying bout the ozone layer?

We’ve got to heal it now, don’t wait till later.


Walk that green shoes walk don’t just talk about it,

Walk that walk. Come on now walk, walk, walk, walk . . . . . . . walk that walk!

3. Grab your brother or your sister, don’t work alone

You can make a major difference starting here at home

Now’s the time to raise our voices.

Come on get on down and make some choices!

Recycle all your bottles and your soda cans

Don’t leave the water running when you wash your hands.

Get your friends together and plant some trees.

Bring your own bag for your groceries.

Don’t waste paper, turn down the heat.

And when it comes to driving everywhere, use your feet!

Check the package out before you pay the bill

Or most of what you buy will end up in a landfill!


Walk that green shoes walk; don’t just talk about it,

Walk that walk. … Walk that walk.

4. The animals and flowers and humanity

Make up the leaves and branches of our family tree

Walk that walk, walk that walk

So put some love in everything you say and do!

It’s gonna make a circle and come back to you!

Walk that walk . . . walk that walk