Friendship Angel

This special angel
My gift to you
Blessed with memories
Of friendship so true.

On tiny wings
To you she went
For like good friends
She’s Heaven sent.


Make a Paper Plate Santa

Sewing Cards
Cut out green tree triangles (or bell/ stocking) from poster board
Use hole punch to punch holes around outside and let kids lace with red yarn and tie loop to hang on tree

Heart Tree   Cut out 3 different sizes of green hearts and create a heart tree glueing them together upside down.

We made a dragon one year to celebrate the Chinese new year using painted decorated boxes. We made a paper mache head. Every child was part of the parade dragon!

New Year’s Project Give children black paper and let them make fireworks with colored chalk then spray lightly with hairspray to set chalk so it won’t smear.

Pine Cone Christmas Gnome


3 popsicle sticks
2 google eyes
1 red pompom

Glue 2 Popsicle sticks together and make a ‘V’ shape. About 1/3 way from top, glue third popsicle stick horizontally across the others. Glue google eyes under the cross stick and the red pompom at the bottom of the V-shape.

String decorations
Balloons, string, glue, glitter
Blow up balloons and tie. Dip strings in glue and wrap around balloon. Spinkle with glitter and let dry. Pop balloon!

Bird Seed Ornaments

4 cups birdseed
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
3 tablespoons corn syrup
1 lb lard
Cookie cutters
Cookie sheet
Parchment paper
Cooking spray
2 straws

In a large bowl, mix together the flour, water, corn syrup and gelatin to form a smooth paste.
Slowly add the birdseed to the paste and combine until the birdseed is fully coated. Melt 1 pound of lard and add to mixture.
Place the cookie cutters on a parchment paper-lined pan and coat the cookie cutters with cooking spray. Spoon the birdseed mixture into the cookie cutters. Press the mixture down firmly with the back on the spoon to pack the mixture into the cookie cutters as tight as possible.
Cut straws into 3-inch segments and press the straw into the top one-fourth of the birdseed-filled cookie cutter. Make sure the hole goes all the way through the mixture. Leave the straw in the ornament and dry for 3 to 4 hours.
Once the birdseed ornaments have dried, take out the straw and carefully remove the ornaments from the cookie cutters. Harden overnight in the freezer.
Run a piece of twine through the hole at the top of the ornament. Hang the completed ornament in a tree for the birds to enjoy.

Melted crayon fireworks

Handprint Ball

Fingerprint String of Christmas Lights

Counting Snowflakes










Tic Tac Toe Tree Box



Tin Bucket, colored balls and aquarium glue.









CD Tree


paper towel nutcrackers







Ojo de Dios