Bird Jokes

What is a crow’s favorite tool? A crowbar

What do you call someone who steals birds? A birdler

What’s a crows favorite tool? A crowbar

What is an owls favorite subject? Owlgebra

How is a goose like an icicycle? Both grow down

What bird can lift the heaviest weight? A crane

What kind of bird is a gulp? It’s like a swallow but bigger

Turkey jokes:

How do you know a turkey was in your refrigerator? All the food has been gobbled up!

What is super turkey’s real name? Cluck kent

Why is it hard for a turkey to get fat? Because it eats like a bird

What happened to tina turkey when she fell out of a tree? She got the stuffing knocked out of her

Which turkey has the best drumsticks? Tom tom turkey

Why did the turkey shut the oven off? Because it was roasting in there.

Which side of a turkey has the most feathers? The outside