1. Why did the bee cross the road?
Just bee-cause!
2. What sort of car does a bee drive?
A Bee-mer.
3. Why did the bee go to the dermatologist?
Because it had hives.
4. Who is the bees favorite singer?

5. What does the queen bee do when she burps?
Issues a royal pardon.
6. What does Santa Claus say to the bees?
Ho Hum Hum.
7. What sort of vehicle does a bee drive?
An automobeel.
8. How does the queen get around her hive?
She’s throne.
9. Who is the bees favorite pop group?
The Bee Gees.
10. What do you get when you cross a bee with a skunk?
A creature that stings and stinks.
11. What are the two cute yellow characters who like to wear their pajamas?
Bee 1 and Bee 2.
12. What kind of bees drop things?
Fumble bees.

13. What did the bee say to the flower?
Hello Honey!
14. Why do bees hum?
Because they’ve forgotten the words.
15. What are the bees favorite flowers?
Bee-gonias and Honeysuckles.
16. What is the favorite fairytale in the hive?
Beauty and the Bees.

17. What is yellow and black and has big fangs?
A vampire bee.
18. What did the father bee say to his son?
Bee good!
19. What is the bees favorite body part?
The bees knees.
20. What do bees take to stay healthy?
Their bee-vitamins.

21. What is a bees favorite food?
Bee-nut butter and honey sand-wiches.
22. Who is a famous bee scientist?
Bee-onardo Da Vinci.
23. Where do the bees like to go on holiday?
To the beech.
24. How do bees get married?
They are bee-trothed.

25. Where do baby bees sleep?
In apricots! (apiary cots)
26. Why did the bees do a round dance?
Because they thought the line dance
was a square dance!
27. What’s worse than being a fool?
Fooling with a bee!
28. What does a bee sit on?
Its bee-hind!

29. Why did the beekeeper cross his bees
with glow worms?

So his bees could work in the dark.
30. What do bees use to do their hair?
A honeycomb!
31. Why did the beekeeper put an ad in the paper?
He wanted to have a working bee!
32. Where do bees cook their dinner?
On the bar-bee-que!

33. What did the drone call the queen?
His bee-loved.
34. What is the hives favorite Beatles song?
Let it bee.
35. Why was the bee drummer kicked out of the band?
She couldn’t keep the beet.
36. What did the bees say after dinner?
That was bee-licious!

37. What did the bee say to the robber?
38. Where do bees like to shop?

To bee or not to bee– Shakespeare

To do is to bee– Nietzche

To bee is to do– Sartre

Do bee do bee do– Sinatra