The Construction of Bubbles:

The walls of a bubble are constructed like a jelly sandwich. Two soap layers act as the bread and water acts as the jelly. In the bubble the middle layer is sealed inside. Water in a soap bubble slides toward the bottom, but since it’s sealed inside the layers of soap it can’t get out, so it gathers making the water layer thick and heavy at the bottom. The weight of the water stretches the outer layer of soap until the bubble burst. A bubble always breaks at the top where it is stretched do thin. To make bubbles last longer you need to keep the water from sliding down so fast. You make the water molecules sticky by adding sugar, corn syrup, or glycerin to the water. The water won’t feel sticky to you, but it will to the soap!


Place ingredients in a clean bowl or bucket. Stir gently. Do not create bubbles. Let sit for an hour before use

Bubble Mixture

You will need:

¼ cup dishwashing liquid

½ cup water

1 teaspoon sugar

Food coloring optional

Mix ingredients together.

For better stronger bubbles:
9 parts water

2 parts corn syrup, sugar, or glycerin

2 parts liquid dishwashing detergent

Pour ingredients together adding the detergent last

Don’t shake the container or mix your ingredients, but stir the ingredients slowly and mix well. If you give the ingredients time to dissolve and mix, the bubbles work better.

Frozen bubble recipe

125 ml liquid dish soap
125 ml corn syrup
750 ml hot water
Mix and let cool


Ice Bubbles

Try this in the middle of winter.
You will need bubble solution and a blower.
Choose a day with no wind that is below 32 degrees and go outside and blow a bubble without releasing it.
Soon you will be able to see ice crystals form
The bubble will freeze completely into a clear bubble of ice.
The colder it is, the faster the bubble freezes.



½ cup bubble solution

Small plastic bowl

2 tablespoons tempera paint or food coloring

Strong sturdy paper or mat board

Place the mixture in the bowl. The plastic bowls that have a place to hold a straw work great. Use a straw to blow into the bubble solution and make a heap of bubbles. Lay a piece of paper gently over the bubbles to absorb the paint and make a print of your bubbles. You can do a print of another color over it too.