Borax Snowflake

Materials: string, wide mouth jar, white pipe cleaners, borax (May use sugar or salt but it will take longer for crystals to form), pencil, boiling water, scissors.

Twist 3 pipe cleaners together at centers to make 6 arms and trim evenly if needed.
Tie string to one arm and tie other end to pencil.
Fill jar with boiling water and add borax (3 tblsp/1 cup water) stirring till no more will dissolve.
Put pipe cleaner in jar hanging from pencil and let stand overnight undisturbed.
If you want you can add food coloring to borax water for color.

What happens:Hot water will hold more dissolved borax than cold. As water cools crystals stick to pipe cleaner and begin to grow. If the water cools quickly you get small crystals. If it cools slowly you get larger crystals.