Herbal Teas for stress and anxiety.

Teas of chamomile, basil, marjoram, or rosemary help ease stress. Use about 1 ounce fresh herbs (half of that if dried) for every 2 to 3 cups water.

A tea of elderberry flowers is considered relaxing to the nerves and is sleep inducing, too. (Caution! Avoid if pregnant.)

For insomnia, drink bee balm, which acts as a mild sedative, calming the nerves and aiding sleep. Take an infusion of 2 teaspoons chopped leaves in 1 cup boiling water.

Drink rosemary tea to alleviate melancholy or depression.

Native American tea ingredients for insomnia included lady’s slipper (decocted), yarrow, mullein, hops, and purslane (decocted).

Valerian tea (or capsules) is a natural sleep aide. In infusions, 1 ounce of the roots in 1 pint boiling water is a common recipe, consumed by wineglass as needed. (Caution: Too high a dose may lead to negative side effects!)

Tea for Depression

1 tsp St John’s Wort
1 tsp Gingko Biloba

Healing Lemon Honey Tea
1 lemon, sliced
2 ginger slices
1 cup or more of local, raw honey
1 12-16 oz glass jar
Slice a lemon and place in a glass jar with the ginger slices and cover in honey. Place in refrigerator for a week to marinate. When ready to drink, boil 8 oz of water and add one tablespoon of honey lemon tea mix to the boiling water. Stir and enjoy. The tea’s hot steam and liquid help clear your head, the lemon clears mucus while giving you some vitamin C and the antiviral, antibacterial honey soothes your throat. This mixture will keep in your refrigerator for months.