Tips for Growing Tomatoes

Remember that most tomatoes are vines! 
Pass up overgrown transplants.
Choose a bright, airy spot of rich soil.
Put stakes in when transplanting to avoid damaging roots.
Feed the soil washed dried crushed eggshells for calcium.
Rotate location occasionally.
Bury stems to first true leaves for stronger root growth.
Water deeply infrequently. Water the soil, not the leaves.
Pinch off suckers between leaves and at bottom of the plant.
Stake high. Most are vines.
Add compost.
Trim old leaves and non-fruiting branches for better fruit.
Plant them again for a staggered crop.
Pick heirloom tomatoes ripe, but not dead ripe or they’ll be mealy.

If you alternate your tomato bed between two spots and you diminish the risk of soil borne diseases. When buying seedlings, beware of lush green starts with poor root systems. They will languish for weeks before growing. Roots quickly sprout from the stems. More roots means more fruits.
   Prune that sucker!